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Where did deLIGHTs! come from?

As an artist, I've worked with glass fusion since 2004 and always continue to experiment.   Creating a useful tool that is alive with color and whimsy is my goal.  But glass "has a life of its own" and responds sometimes unpredictably with the fusion process.  The surprises when the kiln was opened begged for a more free-flowing purpose.

When I first started, I would enjoy holding a finished piece of fused glass up to the light to watch the colors burst into song. I would always wish for more adequate light for each work.  As the pieces would leave the studio, I encouraged people to be sure and place them in good lighting when they got home so the colors could come out. 

And then one day function and free-flowing form merged with a constant source of illumination into one joyful whole.  It truly was delightful to finally have the perfect means of expressing glass and color together.

And thus deLIGHTs! were born! 

Bring a deLIGHT! into your living space and experience the bursts of color that will uplift you every time you turn on deLIGHT!

They are truly heart smilers.  I'm eager to share one (or more!) with you.